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The Elemental Balance

When the Earth was created, it generated Elemental Energies. Those energies were harnessed by individuals, but when Elementals started disappearing, a new threat is revealed.

Game Plan

When Anjali goes to her first football game in the US, she notices the Quarterback is Indian as well. She tries to relate to him, but he remains distant. Anjali investigates and discovers he has a dark secret.


The Lost King

A kingdom is threatened by an army of the dead. The King tries to unite the surrounding kingdoms to fight this evil, but unknown to them, an evil lurks within their own borders.

Humanimal instinct 3

Humanimal Instinct

Highly trained soldiers are genetically enhanced using animal genes. Half human, half animal, known as AnoSapiens, but when those genes begin to evolve, the soldiers start to change.

our Stories

Our stories are grounded in reality but nonetheless are fiction. Characters are set in unrealistic situations but have very relatable emotions.  If man can achieve greatness with a determined will, how does that translate if they had powers? And thats what our stories are rooted in….Emotions!

It’s fascinating what the Human Will allows us to achieve.  They say the human body can bend steel, but the brain limits it. It’s amazing how our body functions, how life came to being. Our reality seems fictitious because we’re a MIRACLE!  And the appreciation of LIFE fuels our stories!